Why You Should Use a Reusable Bottle (Even if You Don't Care About the Environment)

Why You Should Use a Reusable Bottle (Even if You Don't Care About the Environment) - Revomax Online

Excerpt: If you’re not worried about the environment, reusable products can seem like a waste of time. But, reusable bottles have far more benefits for your than just saving the planet, including your health and wallet.


At Revomax, we don’t believe there is anyone out there who does not care about the environment. However, we understand it is not everyone’s top priority. Thankfully, there are environmentally friendly products that help reduce waste and follow the latest trends. Something as simple as using a reusable water bottle can make a difference in the world, without you even realizing it!

If you are not concerned about the environment, you may wonder why reusable products are useful. Disposable items tend to be cheaper and require less commitment, but a reusable water bottle can benefit both you and the environment. Keep reading to learn why you should use a reusable bottle, even if it’s not for the environment.


1. Reusable Bottles Save You Money

Plastic water bottles may seem cheap at first glance, but the cost adds up quickly. Grabbing a single water bottle at a convenience store or fast food restaurant can cost a couple of dollars at a time, while bulk packages of water cost several dollars. The initial investment may not seem high, but the disposable nature of these products require you to purchase them again and again.

Instead of wasting money on something that will end up in the trash a few hours later, you can invest in a product that will last years. A quality, reusable water bottle can be washed and refilled over and over, so you only have to purchase it once. In a short amount of time, the cost of drinking from a reusable bottle is significantly less than purchasing plastic water bottles on a regular basis.


2. Reusable Bottles are More Convenient

Whether you are at home or out and about, staying hydrated can help you feel better. Unfortunately, if you rely on plastic water bottles, you could be left thirsty. With disposable bottles, you are always stuck adding them to your grocery list, running into a convenience store, or stopping at a restaurant when you need a drink. These may seem like mild inconveniences, but they can certainly slow down your day. Even worse, they can discourage you from drinking water when you need it.

Reusable bottles can be thrown in your gym bag, your car, or kept by the fridge. Fill up your bottle before you leave your house, and fill it up again at any water fountain. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find free drinking water once you have a reusable bottle.


3. Reusable Bottles are More Durable

Plastic water bottles are notorious for tipping over and spilling, crinkling in your hand, and leaking due to ill-fitting lids. Sometimes, more water ends up on you and your stuff than you get to drink. The truth is, these products are not made with quality and design in mind. Manufacturing is cheap and so are the materials because the ultimate end goal is the trashcan.

Reusable bottles are made to withstand a lot. You can keep a quality reusable bottle with you throughout the day and never experience a leak. Knocks and bumps will not impact the integrity of your bottle, and you can have peace of mind knowing your gym bag, backpack, or purse is safe from spills. As a reusable product, these bottles are designed to stand up over time.


4. Reusable Bottles are Customizable

Reusable bottles are actually on trend right now, and part of that is due to their customizable nature. You can choose a bottle or lid in your favorite color and select a size that works best for your daily needs. You can also showcase your personality by decorating your water bottle with stickers, tape, and markers. In no time, your reusable water bottle can become an extension of your style.


5. Reusable Bottles are Healthier

Plastic water bottles are often made with bisphenol-A (BPA), a toxic material. BPA makes water bottles shiny, but it can also cause issues with hormone function or lead to cancer. Manufacturers are not allowed to use BPA when making baby bottles or sippy cups, but the FDA has not banned the substance from plastic water bottles. The water inside your plastic bottle may not even be filtered. In some cases, plastic water bottles contain nothing more than tap water.

With a reusable water bottle, you can avoid the toxic chemicals that could lead to serious health issues. You are also free to fill your bottle with whatever you like. Whether you prefer water from your fridge, personal filter, or a filtered fountain, you control what you drink.  


Do Yourself (and the Environment) a Favor

Even if the environment is not on the top of your priority list, there are plenty of reasons to use a reusable bottle. We know there are countless options available online and in stores when it comes to reusable water bottles, but we are partial to our own innovative design. Our vacuum insulated bottles feature secure, twist-free lids and durable seals to keep beverages hot or cold. With a commitment to benefiting both our customers and the environment, Revomax products offer the best of both worlds.

Share your favorite way to style your reusable water bottle in the comments below and let us know why you use a reusable bottle. Join our email list to learn more about the benefits of a reusable bottle and how you can get the best quality product for your money.

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