Our Revomax V2 Lid is not only quick and simple in its performance, but its also very quick and simple to pull apart and clean.



Are all parts dishwasher safe?

All parts of the Revomax lid and Borosilicate glass bottle are dishwasher safe.

We do not recommend putting the Revomax flask in the dishwasher, as it is possible that some heat cycles may compromise the vacuum insulation.

To ensure the freshest possible beverage storage, we always suggest washing bottles with a brush and giving them a good rinse to remove any soap residue.


What is the Revomax lid and seal made of?

The Revomax seal is produced using an eco-friendly, 100% food-grade silicone.

The Revomax lid is constructed of premium food-grade polypropylene plastic, which is considered the safest of all plastics. It has a high heat tolerance making it safe to use with food and beverage storage. The same plastic is used in yogurt and many other food containers in supermarkets.